A collaboration with @winging.momlife

Kimberley wanted a curler that was in a neutral colour, and I wanted to create some even more eco friendly curlers.

So I searched around and found a gorgeous pair of pre loved @ghostfashion satin trousers that were a bit frayed around the hem but perfect for me. Then I found another preloved garment for the scrunchies, even our signature cotton strip has been replaced with the trouser stripe 👌

To achieve beautiful voluminous curls EVERY TIME simply wrap damp (we are talking very very nearly dry) hair around the Natural Curler and secure with scrunchies. Leave to dry and then reveal your curls to the world 🙌

This method of curling doesn’t require any heat and our super soft pre loved satin reduces friction and frizz. The Natural Curler is the most gentle method of hair curling and the soft filling makes it perfect for sleeping in.

This Natural Curler is Vegan 🙌 made using pre-loved viscose satin, bio nylon & organic cotton. We’ve also included a KUMI wheat based eco plastic hair clip & two preloved cotton scrunchies.

After each use shake & hang up Natural Curler to air out before storing.

Limited Edition Pre-loved Natural Curler