The New VEGAN Natural Curler 🍊

To achieve beautiful voluminous curls EVERY TIME simply wrap damp (and we’re talking very nearly dry!!) hair around the Vegan Natural Curler and secure with scrunchies. Leave to dry and then reveal your curls to the world 🙌

This method of curling doesn’t require any heat and our super soft orange fibre silk reduces friction and frizz. The Vegan Natural Curler is the most gentle method of hair curling and the soft filling makes it perfect for sleeping in.

Our Vegan Natural Curler is made using orange fibre silk, Bio Nylon fibre filling & organic cotton. We’ve also included a KUMI wheat based eco plastic hair clip & two orange fibre silk scrunchies.

After each use shake & hang up Vegan Natural Curler to air out before storing.

After a lot of searching we came across a gorgeous vegan alternative to our British Organic Peace Silk, made from orange fibre!

Certified by EPFC STANDARDS (Ecological Plant Fiber Certification), this fabric is made by spinning the cellulose extract from the peels. It looks like and feels like silk; soft and shiny.

🍊 Orange Fiber is created from citrus juice by-products that would otherwise be thrown away.

Thanks to nanotechnology, the material still contains essential oils and vitamin C that are present in the citrus fruit peel. The fabric allows the skin/hair to absorb these oils and is nourished by them.

Orange Fabric is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. It is beautiful, ethical, eco-friendly, animal-free, organic fabric made of oranges with almost a negligible impact to environment. What’s not to love 🧡🧡🧡

VEGAN Natural Curler